What our Clients are Saying

  • Phil & Diane Keefe – NORTH EPPING

    "In 2004 we built our new 4-bedroom house in North Epping. Energy costs weren’t a concern at the time, so we included lots of down lights, gas heating, air conditioning and an electrically heated outdoor spa that ran all year. Rising energy costs hit us really hard in 2011 when we received a quarterly electricity bill for over $900. Gas costs also rose significantly about that time, so when a friend mentioned he was getting good results from a solar panel installation he’d just installed we looked into our own options. He was happy with his supplier, MV Solar, and in late 2011, after getting two other quotes, we went with our friend’s recommendation and chose MV Solar to install our first array of solar panels and an electrically boosted solar hot water service. We also adjusted our spa to heat only during hours of peak solar energy and started selling electricity back to the grid. This cut our energy costs dramatically, and as the costs of gas and electricity rose steadily from 2012 to 2016 we felt ‘protected’ and were able to simply not worry about our energy usage. We could use our air conditioner in summer and know that it cost us nothing during those hot, sunny days. But we also could work out the greater benefits of adding battery storage to our system for even better financial outcomes, especially in autumn and winter. So in late 2016 we upgraded our system with additional solar panels and a battery storage unit, combined with a Catchpower solar diverter that is a more efficient way of using the solar power generated to heat water for our home. Since then, we haven’t looked back. As everyone else seems to be complaining about rising energy costs it’s not a worry for us. Our power costs are small, and could be even less if we wanted to be more efficient with our usage of dishwasher, washing machine, etc. But as it is, we enjoy affordable power bills and electricity whenever we want it. Our home is cooled in summer and warmed in winter without generating any expenses, and we’ve even gone through a couple of electricity blackouts in our neighbourhood without having the lights go out. Since 2011 MV Solar has been our energy consultant and we’re happy with the results. Their recommendations have worked out well for us and we feel like we’ve been ‘out front’ of the big shift to household solar installations."

  • Trudy Dreyer - DOYLES CREEK

    “Thank you for changing our lives out here....words can't capture how much it has. I just wanted you all to know. Thank you so very much.”

  • Well Yum - ALFORD'S POINT

    "I chose MV Solar because I was looking for the most reliable system, not the cheapest.The staff at MV Solar was thoughtful and attentive to my needs during the consultation phase, guiding me through the entire solar installation process. They even submitted paperwork to my energy provider for a digital meter. This was surprising - I didn't expect this to be done and removing this step saved me a lot of hassle. I'm extremely happy with my newly installed system and I confidently recommend MV Solar to interested parties. There is a level of trust which you just don't receive with the majority of solar installers."


    "A big thank you following our most recent electricity account. This is the first account since increasing our system to 24 panels and adding a Blue Catch system. Admittedly it is the lowest bill of the 4 during the year, however the total was only $137, including over $100 in daily supply charge. Our hot water component reduced to only $18 which is a reduction of over $100. I should add that our household has 4 adults using the power. We have learned to be smarter with our electricity use which also helps, but being able to monitor our usage using the Blue Catch is of great assistance in reducing our bill. Seeing the big reduction in our greenhouse gas ‘emissions’ is a feel-good bonus. Again, a big thank you to all at MV Solar. Please ensure that Michael and all the team read this message."

  • Chris Sam - SCONE

    “Please pass on my thanks to Michael and team for a fantastic job! No mess anywhere and wouldn’t even know the panels are there unless I saw them arrive. First class products and service and a first class outcome. Couldn’t have asked for more from MV Solar.”

  • Scott Jennar - WYBONG

    “I have my solar maintenance service done by MV Solar. I am very happy with the very professional, reliable, high quality service provided by MV Solar. Every person from the top down is fantastic to deal with. They give good advance notice of appointments, and on the job they are friendly, courteous and professional in all aspects of the job. MV Solar is one of the few local companies that I am always happy to deal with, as they give complete value in the service they provide.”

  • Tracy Ward - DENMAN

    “I used to dread getting my electricity bill. They just kept getting higher and higher. Now that I have my solar system, which was installed by MV Solar’s professional team who arranged everything for me, I look forward to each bill because instead of having to pay for electricity, the electricity company has to pay me. Their installation team installed my system quickly and professionally.”

  • Gerard Beiboer - KOORAGANG

    “MV Solar were engaged by Rig Installations to supply and install Solar Electricity generating systems in early 2011. Throughout the entire project the management and staff of MV Solar worked to the highest standards and kept us up to date on the progress at all times. This well trained, experienced and courteous team were a pleasure to work with. I recommend them to anyone contemplating a Solar Farm”.

  • Jim Iskasen

    "Tim and Liam installed the solar yesterday, nice job, very professional service thank you. Again could you pass my thanks onto your tradesmen, they’re certainly expert in their field, lots of info and handy tips I wasn’t aware of."

  • Narelle Maxwell

    "As you know Michael was a personal friend of my husband so we would not have used anyone else for our solar installation. I think we were one of his first clients in Sydney. The panels were installed in 2011. So saying after local friends saw the quality of the installation they proceeded to use MV Solar to install their solar panels. The work done by Michael and team was first class and the panels and inverter are still working well. Everything was installed in an efficient and professional manner. When we had problems with the inverter in the initial year they were very quick to replace it under warranty. When I had a problem with the trip switch in the power board Tim came out promptly and fixed the problem. Since then the system is working very well and my power bill has been cut significantly even with the poor feed in tariff from the electrical company. To have an electricity bill of less than $200 in mid winter with heating going full bore is fantastic, and that is without a battery."

  • Bob Trijbetz- MAROUBRA

    "It took me a year to find the right company, who I felt comfortable enough to trust with my house. It was not a matter of finding the cheapest quote, but a combination of high quality workmanship and equipment. The information provided was understandable and not too technical. It showed expertise and experience, that proved to me that I was in good hands. I can highly recommend MV Solar to anyone who values high quality work without compromise or cutting corners."

  • Paul Nolan - MUSWELLBROOK

    “More than happy to recommend MV Solar to anyone who wants to install a solar system. Customer service is great and the workmanship is second to none.”

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Getting Started

Whether you need to address an electrical issue, or are gearing up to seriously consider a solar solution, at MV Solar we use our 30 years of industry experience to make the process seamless, streamlined and even exciting. It’s a big commitment and we want it to feel amazing. To get started simply get in touch and we will:

● Conduct an onsite assessment
● Provide you with a detailed design and feasibility study with financial projections and best course of action plans.
● Arrange and execute your installation.
● Provide you with your Certificate of Compliance.
● Provide ongoing support through our Full Service & Maintenance Package.