Solar Design & Installation for Business

Australian businesses are fast recognising the significant financial benefits of going solar. Unlike home use, energy consumption for many businesses is typically higher during daylight hours when your solar system is actively generating electricity, amplifying the kickbacks for you.

Businesses we work with throughout the Hunter Valley, Central Coast and Sydney are in a unique position as their clients and customers demand, in greater numbers each year, more in terms of reducing carbon emissions and reversing environmental damage.

MV Solar is a turnkey, custom solar solution for business, tailor-designing solar systems that map to short, mid and long-term commercial goals using the highest quality products available on the Australian market.

Our solar systems are carefully constructed to factor in every relevant aspect of your:

● Environment: For example, are you exposed to environmental factors that may cause corrosion to your framing.
● Electrical Systems: Cheap or poorly installed systems and electrical faults do cause fire putting one of your greatest financial assets, customers and staff at critical risk.
● Potential Restrictions: If you have financial restrictions, roof space limitations, or excessive power consumption, there is nothing to fear. We will work together to find a solution that delivers

Your investment and our reputation is on the line with every solar system we design and install. To ensure the ultimate outcome, we will conduct a detailed feasibility study to produce financial projections and return on investment statistics over a 25- to 40-year timeframe. We will be able to determine the perfect blend between system components and performance output to reach the highest return on investment possible for your budget.

Peak performance is guaranteed when you attend to annual cleaning and maintenance protocols. Supporting local businesses with a full service solution, we offer a set and forget service second to none in our region that provides absolute peace of mind and performance guarantees.

Our Full Service & Maintenance Package includes:

● Yearly Safety & Voltage Check
● Yearly System Clean
● Yearly Written Performance Report
● Lifetime Installation Guarantee

Based locally, our team is central to your installation, including the supply chain we use, allowing us the benefit of being able to maintain and monitor your system for the long-term, and personally keep you informed and up to date with solar technology as it continues to advance over time. As upgrade and repair specialists, if you are having any problems with a system installed by another provider, we are also here to assist.

A tailored system within budget, secured for performance and high returns, specifically mapped to your business goals is what you should expect.

BOOK AN ONSITE VISIT HERE - Our solar specialists will come to your property and work with you to develop a solar system that takes all the variables into account.

Which Solar System is Right for Me?

Are you looking into proactively helping the environment and saving money in the process? Solar is now one of the most proven methods of clean energy production, especially in Australia, dramatically decreasing your carbon emissions and electricity consumption. With a carefully curated list of products, we will work closely to ensure the absolute perfect system for you.

PV Grid Connect Systems

A PV Grid Connect system collects sunlight through photovoltaic panels mounted on your home or business, which is then converted into usable AC current through an Inverter and distributed to all your electrical services, devices and products. Your continued connection to the grid provides the pathway for you to feed excess energy generated by your system back to your energy provider who may then pay a net feed tariff to you, further helping to reduce your energy costs.

Off Grid Systems

In remote areas, the cost of connecting to mains power supplies can be huge. In these cases, with advances in PV Technology the cost to run an Off Grid Stand Alone System is more often the most affordable option. The Design of an Off Grid system is a specialist area and requires detailed analysis of the way in which you use electricity over a full year. Our Solar Specialist will evaluate your energy needs and design a system that will adequately meet your requirements with sufficient storage capacity to keep you powered up even in low light conditions. At MV Solar, our goal is to design a system where use of the backup power supply, usually a diesel generator, is minimal.

Hybrid Energy Systems

Hybrid Energy systems are a mixture of both Grid Connected and Off Grid systems. Its connection to the grid is also supported by battery storage, offering the best of both worlds without the larger costs associated with a full off grid PV system.

7 Critical Steps to a Sustainable and Safe Solar Energy System - Protecting Home, Business and Family

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