Solar Panels

MV Solar recognises that each of our customers has their own idea of what good value means to them. For some it is simply having the best system that money can buy, while for others it might mean lowest cost or a combination of reliability, performance and price.

We have selected a range of panels from Value to Premium and Ultra-Premium so that our customers can choose the option that works best for them. All of these panels are designed for NSW conditions and will give many years of reliable free solar energy to your home or business.

Our Ultra-Premium range is for those that simply want the best. These are the highest performing, most reliable and longest lasting solar panels available. Because these panels are stronger, they are also the ones that we supply for cyclone impacted regions such as our operations in Fiji.

Our Premium range is for those interested in a strong balance of performance, reliability and price. These cells provide outstanding performance and longevity in NSW conditions.

Our Value range has been specially selected to provide our customers with a reliable option for most Australian conditions. These panels will provide many years of trouble free solar energy for your home or business.