Checks And Maintenance

Once a quality PV Solar system is installed on your home you will start to enjoy the benefits of free energy from the sun.

PV Solar requires minimal maintenance, however, as with any major purchase the better maintained the longer and higher performing it will be. Australian standards recommend that solar systems should be checked at least every 12 months after installation.

At MV Solar we believe our role as your solar partner goes beyond installation to assisting you to keep your investment in tip top shape.

From time to time your system will benefit from cleaning and maintenance to ensure all components remain in peak condition. In addition to the cleaning and visual inspection MV Solar will also provide you with a performance report so you can keep track of your systems performance over time.

With most PV modules having a 25 year performance warranty a regular report from MV Solar will ensure you maintain the benefits of that warranty to its full value.

We are happy to discuss with you a long term agreement so you can set and forget your system checks, let us do the leg work!