Alpha ESS

The Alpha ESS is one of the first hybrid solutions that manage to incorporate all the goodies on a technological level. We have been looking for a flexible solution that will suit any existing or new system and this is the first that ticked all the boxes. In short it:


  • Can be put in with new installs
  • Can be retrofitted onto any type of existing install; e.g. string inverters, micro inverters, optimisers
  • Comes in a modular package; everything is contained within a single black box
  • Modular and upgradable battery packs; 3kWh battery packs that can be upgraded to contain up to 24 packs
  • Comes in both 3KW and 5KW sizes
  • Uses Lithium-iron battery solution (LiFePO4)
  • It is available NOW.


People coming off the gross feed tariff may be looking to get ahead of the pack before everybody and their dog is looking to solve the problem of having too much solar on their roof, and we’re able to do it now.