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FREE Info: Catch Power Solar Water Heater

new-catch1.0What is Catch Power?

Catch Power is a hot water diversion device that uses excess solar which would usually go to the grid to heat hot water.


  • It is the most advanced solar power diverter and a true $$$ saver!
  • It works with existing electric hot water systems
  • Comes in two variante: Blue Catch and Green Catch


You can increase your dollar savings each year!

Just take it from our customers Don and Lynette from East Maitland who have benefited so much from this device and are excited to share their experience:


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“Overall, I’m extremely happy with the system and I use it to monitor how much electricity is being used and when to juggle any high usage items, like the dishwasher for instance.  It takes about 2.2 at its peak so I always make sure we are drawing enough to cover it before it goes on. On low light days, I just wash up myself so I don’t use power otherwise needed for water heating. 

I now detest using electricity from the grid (!) so I keep quite a watch on what’s being drawn from the sun and what’s being used throughout the day.  I love CATCH!  It will be interesting with all the lessons learned during summer to see how I can better adapt to winter this year, but I’m positive there will be a big change in efficiency in any future report you might send, especially if it includes the coming winter.”.

-- Lynette, East Maitland

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